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Description: Laminated easy open end

Meterial: Laminated steel
Inner Diameter:49.5-153.4mm
Thickness: 0.17-0.27mm
Lacquer: White, Clear

Laminated Steel is environment-friendly packaging material which is made of the multi-polymer film and the steel base, the steel trip such as TFS(Tin Free Steel) or ECCS(Electrolytic Chrome Coated Steel), electrolytic tinplate and cold rolling steel is combined with resin such as polyethyleneterephthalate (PET), polypropylene(PP) by heating and melting. Laminated Steel can
preserve food effectively with excellent merits in corrosion resistance, forming, lacquering, and so forth. EOE (Easy Open End), is welcomed by most customers for food packing tin can lids, the convenient open method, liquid leakproof function, and long term storage is the advantage. EOE was widely used for different food since now, including fish can, tomato cans, fruit cans, lunch meat cans and other dry food. Moreover, Xiangda EOE supply to domestic and foreign famous brand enterprises, and win high reputation from our customers. We supply high quality products for many countries customers and our factory got ISO 9001 and BRC certificate.Welcome to visit our factory and to give us your valuable advice.

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